The Labor Department is a section in the organization of services offered by the organization of employers Lleida private foundation. This department provides services relating to the preparation of various documentation and streamlining partner and their employees towards public administration and particularly in matters of employment and social security, and taxation.

Its main objectives are:

  • High, casualties and variations of companies, or so much physical person how individual
  • High, casualties and variations of workers (Sistema RED)
  • Recruitment of workers.
  • Elaboration of contracts of employment among employees and employee.
  • Procedure of I.T. of employers as well as of workers.
  • Preparation of documentation for take the unemployment.
  • Elaboration of visitor's books.
  • Elaboration of the salary sheets (monthly, extras, delays...).
  • Elaboration and sending of the Social Security of the workers.
  • Annual elaboration of the receipts of the Work Foundation of the Construction.
  • Procedure of foreign persons, work license and of residence.
  • Advice of retirement and of invalidity.
  • Preparation and procedure of inspections of Work and of the Social Security.
  • Elaboration, classification and sending of quarterly model 110 and annual 190.
  • Estimations of costs (pre one hour, wages...).
  • Information of Agreements.
  • Work calendars for companies.
  • Forewarn of contracts completions.
  • Elaboration of quittances.
  • Procedure of reports in the face of INSS,INEM, TGSS, Social Well-Being, Department of Work, Inspection of Work, etc.
  • High and low of freelances.
  • Procedure of reports in diet|regime of being assimilated.
  • Openings of workplaces.
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