About us

1. Grouping the professionals of the sector in all of them for the defense of our entrepreneurial interests.

2. Dignifying the profession.

3. Participating in all those negotiations that they affect to our interests, how collectives, offers of the administrations, etc are the work agreements.

4. Promoting training of the employers, managers and workers of the sector.

5. Carrying out works and performances to favor our legal, economical, social interests and environmentals.

6. Struggling for the normalization of the sector at all levels and against the infiltration.

7. Establishing a stable and worthy work frame at level of province.

  • Table of prices of the services
  • Sheets of guarantees
  • Sheets of working conditions
  • Orders of work

8. Giving technical support and other types that mark us all the unionized.

9. Knowledge among the professionals of the zone. Promoting a healthy competition.

10. To Approach and to inform companies of all the laws that affect our work or we can help the enterprise level.

11. Belonging to other organizations and to federations in order to attain the goals of the Guilds in a much more global, extense and solid way.

Gremi Jardiners de Lleida


Gremi Jardiners de Lleida


Gremi Jardiners de Lleida