At present, the entrepreneurial world is subjected to constant changes of legislation in tributary matter. Fruit of the new European political moment, a trend of the harmonization of the legislations diferents of the member states is produced. In the face of this reality, it is necessary to have clear, flowed and updated information. The task of the Fiscal Department can be summarized in:

  • Management and calculation of selfliquidation, declarations-liquidation, informative declarations, of direct imposition as well as of insinuation, that are forced to show and liquidate the companies in the local, autonomic and state Administration.
  • Formalities in front of the organs of management, collection and inspection of the Tributary Agency of the Delegation of Lleida.
  • Information of the main novelties in payment of the valid regulations.
  • Attention of tributary type consultings of the associated companies.
  • Adaptation to the new technologies, to offer the possibility in the associated company to their way declarations telematic.
Gremi Jardiners de Lleida