The services carried out by the Legal Department, was in charge of personnel and offering a personalized service and the same facilities of the Foundation, where queries and views are taken care of many partners who use the service.

The work carried out has been many and varied. Then we make the list:

  • Customer telephone inquiries nature of employment, and other issues related to private individuals.
  • Writing lot of contracts.
  • arbitration law to the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Preparation of administrative resources.
  • Preparation and assistance to acts of conciliation before the CEMAC.
  • Claims prior to road work.
  • counsel.
  • Transactions with
  • extrajudicial legal professionals.
  • meetings with officials from various agencies and administrative services to solve problems on behalf of the associate.
  • Collaboration in the negotiation and drafting of Collective agreements in the sectors of construction, wood, cleaning and baking.
  • Assistance joint committees, processing of documents in the Registry of Property and Commerce.
  • Writing reports on matters related to the various sectors encompassing COELL.
  • constitution, modification and dissolution of limited companies, societies, labor unions, civil societies and owners.
  • Constitutions homeowners.
  • Writing administrative resources in labor and social security on transit, transportation and tax issues.
  • Writing types of queries and newsletters on various topics, as well as those who wish to consult the partner.
  • presentation and monitoring of projects in the works council.
  • a request for permission and permits minor uses public roads, driveways, ...
  • Writing resources derived from assessments and decisions regarding disciplinary aspects of local government depositors.
  • Processing real changes, name changes, additions, ... to the Territorial Management of Land Registry and the presentation of resources, if necessary.
  • Proceedings concessionaire Aguas Lleida and the electric company.
  • Report on Telecommunications issues: taxes, easements, property, housing, ...
  • report on the implementation of the new LOE.
  • Regarding local government, reporting and allegacions, and informed of the changes in internal procedures that can take the City and are not approved or published through ordinances or regulations.
  • permitting activities, opening, renaming, in relation to the activities and currently informed about the new law Intervention Integrated Environmental Authority which regulates all matters relating to unlicensed activity and their future renewals.
  • advice on issues related to the environment, such as waste, water, etc.., regulatory and administrative aspects
  • We emphasize that we have signed a collaboration agreement with CIDEM, through which we have become CIDEM Information Point, which allows information on grants, loans and all types of aid, mainly in the field of SMEs.


Finally, we can say that the department covers a comprehensive advice in all areas relating to associates, in addition to timely and specific advice if there is a specific regulation of that sector or area.

Legal department management is open to any charge to him, and is concerned for the material and human resources and adequate infrastructure, every situation requires in order to successfully address the issues to consider. Also, always try to solve problems with minimal financial burden for the partner.

Gremi Jardiners de Lleida