From this department have made ​​submissions to the various communications partners, preparation of documents necessary for conducting the meetings of Board of Directors, General Assemblies, Festivities, meetings, the various guilds and making the corresponding announcements, events reports, files, reports, etc..

The department is also responsible for coordination between the different departments of the work to be performed, such as attention and guidance to members, billing and payments services, control of defaults, sending letters call and claim them. Another essential functions is to bring accounting and preparation of official records of the institution and the individual accounts of the various guilds and associations, as well as the preparation and publication of excerpts and summaries of specific accounts or trades.

in banda

departments own the COELL also makes secretraria of the Federations and their respective unions, advised on the establishment of bylaws, the Board prearació, conferences and other activities that may be carried themselves out.

also prepare various mandatory insurance for different collective agreements, as well as liability for installers and construction companies, the processing of Solred for fuel discounts, discounts on mobile phones in optical, travel, ...

this Department maintains relationships with other business entities, especially those that have the scope to Catalonia, information sharing, joint, etc.. Also maintained relationships with official bodies that have more to do with the business, such as municipalities, county councils, etc.. in our county.

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